July 12, 2024

Water Testing

February 7, 2024

Dear Parents, Guardians and Staff:

The State of Vermont passed a new law in 2019 that requires all schools and childcare providers to test their drinking water for lead. Samples of water from every tap in the district, that is reasonably expected
to be used for drinking or cooking, were collected, and sent to the Vermont Department of Health Laboratory for analysis.

We take our responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment for the children and staff seriously. Any tap that tested at or above 4 ppb was immediately taken out of service for drinking or cooking. We
are working on fixes to permanently lower levels of lead in the water.

Lead exposure poses a special risk to children because they absorb lead into their systems more easily than adults do. Lead can slow down growth, impair development and learning, and can cause behavior
problems. While the major source of lead poisoning in Vermont children is paint, lead in plumbing pipes and fixtures can add to a person’s overall exposure. Drinking water in schools and homes may contain
lead from old pipes, plumbing fixtures (such as fountains and faucets), or the solder that joins pipe sections together.

More Information

  • For questions about the water testing process, or about the law and its requirements, please call the Lead in School and Childcare Drinking Water Program at 802-863-7220 or 800-439-8550 (toll-
    free in Vermont).
  • You can view school and childcare results, remediation and any follow-up testing at leadresults.vermont.gov/ (NOTE: If your child’s preschool or after school program is located at a
    school, the results will be listed under the school’s name.) For more information visit:

If you have questions or concerns about our facility and the actions we are taking, please contact:
Jonathan Garthwaite
Director of Buildings & Grounds

To learn more about lead hazards and lead poisoning prevention, visit healthvermont.gov/lead

If you want to test your home drinking water for lead, find a list of certified drinking water labs at tinyurl.com/certified-lab .

Tom DeBalsi
Superintendent of Schools
Hartford School District