May 19, 2024

Second Grade


Who works in Second Grade?

Mrs. ConnollyMrs. Connolly - Second Grade Teacher

I love teaching Second Grade, and it will be my 14th year teaching Second Grade at OQS.  I look forward to getting to know this year’s second graders! We will work hard, have fun and learn a lot together!  

Outside of school I love to spend time with my family. A few things I like to do are … hike, read, garden, and travel.


Mrs. ParkerMrs. Parker - Second Grade Teacher 

This is my 25th year teaching in the Hartford School District. I have taught second grade and preschool at Dothan Brook School and the Ottauquechee School.  I love working with amazing teachers and super second graders! I look forward to a wonderful year!

When I am not at school I enjoy traveling, photography, reading, gardening, and spending time with my family and friends.

Miss StephMiss Steph - Second Grade Teacher

Hello Second Graders and Families! I am excited to be a part of your Second grade experience. This is my third year teaching at OQS but not my first time working with these great students.  I can't wait to keep seeing their amazing growth through learning and becoming wonderful human beings. 

In my down time I love being with all of my animals and coaching middle school. I also enjoy being outside, camping and spending time with family.

Mrs. Bergeron - Math Interventionist

I am so excited to be teaching in First Grade again this year! This will be my sixth year teaching at the Ottauquechee School. I can’t wait to continue learning with you.

Outside of school I am very busy keeping up with my nine month old little girl named Quinn. Our family loves being outdoors, spending time with family and friends, and any chance we can get to go to the beach!

Ms. Christy - Reading Interventionist

Hello Second Graders and families! I am so delighted to be working with you as a reading interventionist again this year! This will be my seventh year teaching at OQS. I have teaching certifications in special education and elementary education.  Outside of school I love to read, make jewelry, travel, visit art museums and spend time with friends and family.

JuliaMs. Julia - Special Educator

Hello Second Graders and Families, I am excited to return for a 2nd year at Ottauquechee school as the first and second grade special educator. I also lead multiple affinity groups in the Hartford School District and I am the Equity Leader for OQS.  I’m excited for another year of learning and having LOTS of fun! When I am not at school I love to write, travel, listen to music, forage, and spend time with friends.


Mrs. LorenzMrs. Lorenz - Speech 

Hello Second Graders and Families!  This is my 9th year at Ottauquechee!  Before that, I worked in FL for 14 years as mostly a 1st grade teacher and then a Speech Language Pathologist.  I don’t teach different languages, though. My job includes helping students change speech sounds and decrease stuttering.  I also help students use strategies in order to understand what they are learning.  That’s what I’m doing in 2nd grade with Reading and Writing skills.  I’ll be teaching many students strategies!

Outside of school, I love to sing, spend time with my family and pets, collect shells, and travel.

Ms. MarshallMs. Marshall - Occupational Therapist

I love having the opportunity to work with students at the Ottauquechee School and be a member of the strong team of support that wraps around these kids. I have been an Occupational Therapist in the state of Vermont for 12 years. I work within the classrooms and motor room and enjoy empowering students with strategies that enable them to be more independent within the classroom, with their academics, and assist with their strength, motor skills and self regulation. 

Outside of school, I am the mother of two little girls, six months and 5 years of age at the start of this school year. My husband and I love being active and outdoors as a family; hiking, biking, skiing and paddle boarding. I enjoy baking, playing with my kids, and reading with them.